Hackers from India-Pakistan declares cyber war

A full-blown hacking and defacement war has erupted in cyberspace. Recently, over a dozen Indian and Pakistani websites were defaced by hackers from either side .

A old report from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) says the agency handled 71,780 cyber attacks and tracked 24216 Indian website defacements in 2013. "Most of the defacements were under '.in' domain, in which a total 15490 '.in' domain websites were defaced," says the report.

The message on the defaced home page of the press club website read, "Our Target is your Government's Websites ... We will Inshalaah with The help of Many Muslim Hackers Take You Off From The InterneT ! Your Credit Cards , Your Bank's Account , Your Servers ... Are In Danger ! We Never Forget what You Do (sic) against the Humanity ...In Jammu and Kashmir Millions Of People Were Dead..., Pakistan's Muslims Are Killed In The Force's Attacks... Indian Forces Destroyed Kashmir's Families ...Killed Innocent Childrens (sic)... But No One Cares !!!! You Want To Stop Us !! But Let me guess ! Can a Men (sic) Catch a Shadow ?!"

PCI officials said there was no risk of data being compromised as the website only featured public event details, daily menu updates and other such public information. "No data has been compromised and members have nothing to worry about. Only the home page has been defaced," PCI general secretary Nadeem Ahmad Kazmi told us.

The periodic online attacks have been going on for some years. Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune reported back in 2011, that Indian hackers had defaced the website of the Karachi Press Club. In 2010, a group of hackers identifying themselves as the "Indian Cyber Army" had reportedly defaced 36 Pakistani government websites. This, in turn had happened after the CBI website was defaced. In 2015 , an Indian hacker group that calls itself "TEAM HIND" hacked and defaced the INTERTECT  website of PAKISTAN saying your security is low porkies noobs

Whereas pak attackers also hacked sites which screen shots are given below

On the other hand TEAM HIND recovered many sites from this types of attack such as

INDIAN BLACK HATS team also hacked many websites

The pak cyber army hacked website and live the message to free kashmir

Site hacked and showing Handicapped NARENDRA MODI who is P.M of INDIA

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