Pak and Bangladesh Cyber war starts again

While the rest of the world was engaged in cyber security and privacy, a Bangladeshi patriotic hacker targeted 72 major Pakistani Government official websites, including ‘President of Pakistan’, ‘Government of Pakistan’, ‘Ministry of Defence’, and whole Ministry of Pakistan.Bangladeshi Hacker ‘D@rk sH@d0W’ claimed responsibility to hack into one of the main proxy server of the Pakistan Government, which is being used to manage all the government websites. Once the hacker gained the access to the proxy server, he managed to take down those websites.
The attack on the websites are supposed to be severe as it has been over 1 hour and the websites are still defaced at the time of writing.The hacker posted a message on his facebook profile saying, “Just a Security Reminder – 72”
This is not the first time, the hacker was also responsible for hacking Pakistan government and Bangladesh government websites multiple times in past.
Pakistan is already under a massive cyber war with Bangladesh, it’s easy to realize that the hack is high profile and damaging to the Pakistani cyber world. Lets see where does it takes the hackers of both sides.

  • Domains:
  • Mirrors:
  • In case of Angryness pak cyber attackers reply bangladeshi hacker by hacking many bangladeshi websites some of these are given below
    Hacked By: Injector(PCA)
    Team: Pak Cyber Attackers
    Site: ==> with Sub Domain <==

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