The official interview of TEAM HIND

Yesterday, I took interview of Team Hind, the second biggest and active hacker group in India after Hell Sheild Hackers.I am pleased that Team Hind is working to protect Indian cyber space without any funding by Indian government..All the members of this group are volunteers of about 15-16 years old.Team Hind defaced and recovered 3000+ websites.Now I am showing you the questions,I asked them and their answers,
Me-When was Team Hind formed and by whom?
They-Team Hind was formed by Govind singh(indcyberjocker) and Vikash pandey(vikyp) 2 years ago.

Me-What type of skills do all the members have?
They-All members are either hackers,coders,programmers,developers etc.

Me-Which teams or countries are against Indian cyber space and to which team, Team hind is against the most?
They- Countries like Pakistan,Nepal and sometimes China are against indian cyber space and our biggest enemy is PCA.They are against India due to some political reasons.

Me-What did you except from Indian govt. ?
They- Nothing only support

Me-Which hacker teams are working as same as Team hind?
They-Indian elite hackers, Ghost fleet,
Hell sheild hackers, Indian black hats, Mallu cyber soldiers etc

Me-May I have the cyber name of all the members of Team hind?
They-Yes sure ,
ANONFIGHTER ! An@n ! cupid ! Cyber_Don ! Cyber_Buddy ! CYBA TIGER ! Cyber_Defacer ! Cyber_Don ! D3AD_SEC ! R4HUL ! SURVIVOUR$ ! TERM!NAT0R ! Hacker_Herok (JAI AAI AXOM ) ! Spakwv root ! Mr. HaX ! Neo Hacker !INDI4N L33T ! Sleeping_lion ! injector devil ! error_404_indi ! ind code ! indcyberjoker ! vikyp ! red_dragon ! cyber w0lf ! z3r0 ! Hacker Ritz ! BROWNSPID@R ! SPIRIT !

I salute Team Hind and all Indian hackers for protecting Indian cyber space..

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