Juvenile Justice Bill Passed , But the hacking remain continue - Hackers

Juvenile Justice Bill has been passed in Rajya Sabha but the hacking is going on by The hacker group- Hell Shield Hackers.
The hacker group proclaimed that they do hacking until hang the Rapist of Nirbhaya.
On passing the bill,The hacker group post on their facebook page about the hacking.
Their post have strong comments on the Law and on Nirbhaya case. The information shared by them is as follows :-
So Finally a Good News in :
Juvenile Justice Bill has been passed in Rajya Sabha. The law will now allow children between 16-18 years to be tried as adults in heinous crime cases.
We accept the decision. But According to us, Lowering Age Limit is not the Factor when the crime is Rape or Murder. The one , irrespective of Age who do a crime and if proved then he/she should be Treated as criminal by Judiciary.
The Limit has been lowered from 18 to 16. But does the age promotes crime? We think No. It's the Mindset and Mentality of the People. We see 40 year old person raping 3 year old kids. This whole thing is Based on Ill mindset of the People. Age should not be a bar. But as far Indian Judiciary is concerned, the age limit from 18 to 16 it's still a commendable move.
One more thing which we like to add is, this was the First Bill Passed in Winter Session of Parliament. Half were disrupted by Opposition. So where was the Debate actually. Before amending, some points were have to keep strongly inside the framework of it.
Additionally, The Bill "Doesn't" says that if you are above 16 and do crime, then you will be prosecuted. But the rule is Juvenile Justice Board will first decide whether the crime committed has been “child-like” or was it committed in an “adult frame of mind”.
So is that a Good choice? Should the psychologists needs to "prove" that mindset was "Child-Like" when some does a Murder or Rape ???
But the conclusion has proved out to be well, We hope There will be justice for everywhere and it may prevent other cases in Future.
This whole part is written by Heart of‪#‎HellShieldHackers‬. If you agree or not, it's not our problem. Our views are straight and Equal. We showed you fault and good of the Bill. We have tried our Best everytime to show that ‪#‎FreedomOfSpeech‬ and‪#‎Justice‬ is not harmed in any sense.
We would like to thank those who supported us throughout . And also would like to Shootout News channel / blogs who helped us spread the Word‪#‎JusticeForNirbhaya‬
- Team Hell Shield Hackers (in73ct0r )

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