Nirbhaya case : Indian hackers want justice,Hacked 400+ Indian websites

On leaving the Rapist Mohmmad Afroz with a 10000 Rs and a shewing machine,Indian hackers get angry.They hack about 400+ Indian websites and some govt. Websites demanding justice.They leave the message which is as follows-
#Justice4Nirbhaya #JusticeForNirbhaya
                              Hell Shield Hackers - India's Top Black Hat Team
                    We are the eyes of the Blind, speech of the mute and sound for the Deaf.
We are Psychotic Overload  | SHikari 1337 | P0ison Op3rat0r | in73ct0r d3vil | Destroyer | Xyb3r D3vil | CybaTiger | IndCyberJoker | IndiG3@R | Hacker007
In support with : Team Hind | Indian Mad Hunters
Motivation Behind the Attack: The Fault of the constitution for Not having strict rules for juvenile crime. The person who can Rape is Not a Kid. What Happened to Govt? Why do they free Mohammed Afroz with 10,000 and sewing Machine. We won't tolerate this. Such Criminals are not Kids. Wake up government, keep your politics aside for some moments and think the Feeling of the mother of Jyoti Singh(Nirbhaya)
We stand Tall for #JusticeForNirbhaya . We have support from all Indian Hackers and every Indian. We won't step back from getting Justice. The brutal scenes of Rape and Death of Nirbhaya are still in our souls burning high for Justice. We need Justice. This Hack is all about it.
Note: No site is Harmed, we just want to spread Message that's all.
The whole list of hacked websites is at

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