Assam Cyber Warriors (ACW) On Fire

Assam cyber Warriors the name come into existence after the cyber war of Pakistan against Assam (state of India) . Pak Hacker Faisal Afzal hacked many Assam sites recently , Seeing this Indian Govt. has not taken any action , But Indians are legends by birth , A Assamese hacker named Herok Jyoti Saikia cyber name as 1nd_h4cker Herok founded the group ACW . Other legends from India also take part in it and participate as Hacker in the group . All the members of the group are 17-20 years old with a hacker mind to protect the Motherland from Cyber attacks .
Here is their Official logo -

The Slogan of this group is -

We Are Anounymous

We Are Legion

We Don't Forgive

We Don't Forget 

Expect Us_

You can like their facebook page at - Assam Cyber Warriors

They have made their deface page so awesome that can show other Hackers to stay away from Indian Cyber Space -

This group has hacked a number of sites belonging to Pakistan as a payback to Assam Cyber Attack.
The website which is hacked yesterday is - ( Mirror- )
They made mirror of hacked websites on - You can go there to find the team every hacking attack 
The Members of this Group are - Black Cat, Hexking, 1nd_h4ckerHerok, Injector Sandipan, Mr. Po Pandzz, Anon Phoenix, Phoenix
Thanks Assam Cyber Warriors for being with us and protect Indian Cyber World
Jai Hind .

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  1. what the fuck ????

    that's slogan of anonymous!!!!


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