Pornhub is using AI and facial recognition to tag its videos

HOBBYIST SITE Pornhub is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition to tag its videos, which could make them more accurately described and save human moderators from a thousand yard stare that they may never shift.
Pornhub says that its system can auto detect 10,000 different pornstars, which puts it on a par with an average male teenager, and can use this extensive knowledge to catalogue things for busy wankers.
"Artificial intelligence has quickly reached a fever pitch, with many companies incorporating its capabilities to considerably expedite antiquated processes. And that's exactly what we're doing with the introduction of our AI model, which quickly scans videos using computer vision to instantaneously identify pornstars," said Corey Price, VP at Pornhub.
"Now, users can search for a specific pornstar they have an affinity for and we will be able to retrieve more precise results. Our model will undoubtedly play a pivotal role moving forward too, especially considering that over 10,000 videos per day are added to the site.
"In fact, over the course of the past month alone, while we tested the model in beta, it was able to scan through 50,000 videos that have had pornstars added or removed on the video tags."  

As time moves on the system is expected to up its game and to start to recognise whether the action is taking place outside and if the ladies starring in the video are blonde (of head). All this sort of thing probably makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for.
This is progress, for what it is worth, so we should probably applaud it. However, in honour of the site we will limit ourselves to one-handed clapping.

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